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Boat Week 2018


several things I need to bring your attention to.

Sign up sheets will be available for LATE shifts on Tuesday May 15th after 7pm

Early Shift signups will be available Tuesday June 5th after 7pm (after bar meeting)

As I make preparations for Boat week festivities, I find a need for members who are not racing to remove the small tents from the club on Saturday July 14th. this does NOT need to be done early, as in years past, as I am asking NON racers to do this. 5 Strong men to do this would be preferred.a signup sheet will be available May 15th at the club. Fencing etc will also need to be removed. If there are not enough signups, we will have to HIRE someone to do this.

Speaking of hiring, We are also looking for a group to clean the grounds/trash removal. St Johns church group had done this in the past. I am opening this to other groups now. If you have a group interested in coming late (12am- till clean ) Thursday night, Friday night and then 12pm on Saturday, please let me know by May 23rd.

Thank you,

Reid Stromberg V.C.