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Save Our Shores

***SOS - SOS***

(Save Our Shores)

Fellow members, you may notice that the shores (sidewalks, lawns, etc.) at ease have been decimated in recent years (last year in particular) by the extreme influx/population of Canada geese.

A "pro-active" management effort is presently being undertaken to reduce and manage our resident geese.  This effort will involve, amongst other things, the placement of a variety of passive devices (balloons, reflective tapes, decoys, etc., etc.)  These items will be moved and adjusted on a periodic and regular basis by  "trained" members.  Please refrain from moving and/or adjusting any of these item without the participation of those in charge.

Please keep in mind going forward that .... Canada geese are " Federally Protected."

Thank you for your cooperation,

Doug Lowe

Planning & Engineering

(248) 249-0714