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Scenic Point Storage issues

The PHYC Board is working to ensure that our storage practices are correct,
consistent and support our membership's interests appropriately.  We have
had much discussion recently, agreeing that our Winter storage should be
limited to boat storage and our the Summer storage to the empty cradles,
trailers and jack-stands that were required in the Winter.  This practice
will keep our property neat and  organized (a.k.a. shipshape!).

There has been an ongoing cleanup process on the Point, cutting down brush,
trees and organizing our storage including multiple trailers and other
items.  To help us maintain the property, PHYC requires that any personal
items left at the club be clearly marked or tagged and identified with the
Owner's information.
We have two UFO's (Unidentified Foreign Objects) in the form of trailers
left on the Point and we have not been able to determine the owners.  Before
moving or removing these trailers we thought an e-mail blast including
pictures (attached) might help us locate the owners.  If you can identify
the Owner of either of these please let a Board Member know or contact Brian
at <>  to advise.


Brian Cann
PHYC - Mooring & Storage
Cell: 586-242-8362