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Online PHYC Ship’s Store

Happy New year from the PHYC WA Chandlery!

This year in addition to offering PHYC apparel from the chandlery during most of the PHYC events, we are giving members the opportunity to order items from the new online PHYC Ship’s Store.   We think that this gives members a wider assortment of items to chose from and eliminates the need for a guess at an inventory.  Below is the link to the PHYC Ship’s Store for your use.  Keep it in your bookmarks to visit as often as you wish and check for new items that may be offered. 

As always, some apparel and PHYC items will be available at the chandlery as in the past.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Sally Medler at 810-327-0398 or PC Susan Ingles at 810-357-5379 -- our contact at ForSports!


Happy browsing.

Sally Medler
2018 Vice Commodore PHYCWA

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