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Logging In to the PHYC Web Site

Instructions for Logging In to using OpenID.

OpenID Basics

Our new web site is now up and running!  The site contains both public information and internal members-only content.  To allow only our Members to view the internal content, a mechanism is needed to verify the identity of each of the site's users.  The mechanism that has been chosen is "OpenID".

OpenID is a system that allows other trusted web sites to verify your identity to  It was chosen because it takes the work of managing user accounts and passwords, and offloads that piece of the security puzzle to these other trusted web service providers. 

Basic Steps to Sign In

  • Click the "Sign in" link in the upper right of any page
  • Select one of 6 trusted OpenID providers
  • Sign in to your account with the chosen provider using your username and password
  • Authorize the provider to verify your identity to

 OpenID Security Advantages

When you have selected one of the 6 providers, you will be logging directly into their web site.  Their site will then inform that you indeed are the person you claim to be.  The PHYC web site does not need to see your password or any sensitive account information from the OpenID provider site.  

The most noticeable advantage of using OpenID to users of the PHYC web site is that you will have one less password you need to remember.  Only the most limited personal information for each user is stored on the PHYC server as outlined below:

Information PHYC Receives from OpenID

  • Your Full Name
  • Your verified Email Address from the OpenID provider site
  • An OpenID Identifier that is unique to you
  • Some OpenID providers send us a web site address for your public profile on their site

PHYC never sees your password on the OpenID provider site.

PHYC does not view any of your contacts or friends on the OpenID provider site, even if it is made available to us by the provider.

Our Trusted OpenID Providers

We have chosen 6 of the most popular email and/or social media services to authenticate your identity.  Most people should already have an account with one of them.

PHYC OpenID Provider List

What if you do not have an account with the 6 providers we use, for example your only account is on Comcast? Sign up for one of these accounts using your existing email address. For example, you can create a Google user account and make your Google userid your Comcast email address. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, openID, and Windows Live id are all free services.

 If you need assistance setting up an account with one of the providers please let our Computer Committee know, .


Reid Stromberg
PHYC Co Chair
Computer Committee

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