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Web Site Member Activation

Instructions for PHYC Members to Request Access to the Members-Only Content of the site.

Web Site Access Levels

Once you have successfully signed in to the web site using OpenID, some new features on the site automatically become available.  The first change you will likely notice is that the "Sign in" link in the upper right of each page now displays your Name and your account's Access Level.  There are 4 access levels on the site.

Access Level List

  • Anonymous = Not signed in at all
  • Guest = Signed in to the site with no additional access to content
  • Crew = Signed in to the site and self-enrolled as a Crew Member
  • Member = Signed in and accepted as an Active PHYC Member


Site Access Level Details

Specific Privileges Granted to Each Level

  • Anonymous = May view only public content
  • Guest = No additional access to content, may request Member or Crew status

The only difference between these two levels is that Guest users have authenticated to the site and can see the User - Personal Tools menu.  This is the menu that allows new site users to request Member Access to the site.  It is colored yellow for guest users.  Guest users may also update their Personal Information and may select to sign up as Crew Members.

  • Crew = View content that has been "Published to Crew", Receive the Crew Newsletters

When a Guest user selects the checkbox "Crew: Available" in her/his Personal Information settings, they automatically get added to the Crew List.  On their next log in after selecting to become a Crew Member, their Personal Tools menu will become blue.  Crew users may opt-out of the Crew list at any time simply by editing their Personal Information.

  • Member = View "Members Only" content, Subscribe to Newsletters/Forums, Post Classifieds

Member access must be approved for each user by the Computer Committee.  Once a user has been approved, their Personal Tools menu will turn green.  All published items on the site will become visible to the user.  Members may participate in Forums and submit Classified Ads for publication on the site.

Active Members can also view the Crew Availability Report.  This report displays the information entered by Crew members in their Personal Preferences.

Any active Member may also choose to become a Crew member.  Simply select the "Crew: Available" checkbox in Personal Information.

Requesting Member Activation

Users who have signed in to the site but are not yet Members will find the "Member Web Activation" item on their Personal Tools menu.  Selecting that item will take them to a form that will notify the Computer Committee of their desire to upgrade their account.  Only PHYC Members in Active standing will receive the upgrade.

Request Steps

  • Sign in to the site as outlined in the Logging In Document
  • Select "Preferences" from the Personal Tools menu, Update Personal Info as needed
  • Select "Member Web Activation" from the Personal Tools menu
  • Accurately fill out the form so the Computer Committee can verify your account
  • Submit the Form

It may take a few days for the Computer Committee to verify and upgrade your account to Active Member status.

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